Clari + Omar • Proposal Gone Wrong? • Anna Maria Island, Florida

Clari and Omar Engagement Photos in Anna Maria Island, Florida

Clari + Omar are two lovebirds who met in undergrad. Omar’s sister, Diana, is actually the one who reached out to us. Omar was all about just getting down on his knee. While Diana had more of the romantic vision of how this was going to happen. But, how did this Anna Maria Island proposal go wrong?

During our initial consultation with Omar, he let us know that him, Clari + their families would be traveling to Anna Maria Island from Miami for a little vacation. That’s where Diana decided to have them all head to the beach to watch the sunset. While there, we’d pretend to be novice photographers trying to get images for our portfolio. We were to approach them and ask to take some photos of them for fun and that’s when Omar would pop the question. Lots of pressure on our acting skills 😅

The day finally came and we were SO STOKED. This would actually be the first proposal we got to capture so, we were excited. On our way down, it started to rain. And by started to rain we mean, POUR. We immediately texted Diana to see if we could work out a plan B. We offered to push it to the next day or perhaps do it at another location. But, love don’t wait for nobody! Omar decided to just do it at the rental home with their families around them.

We asked Diana to send us photos to be able to celebrate with them. Then, we decided to come back the next day and capture some engagement photos instead during sunrise. Sooo… had the proposal gone wrong? Depends on who you ask. All we know is that the love + joy we witnessed the next day between them showed us that Clari didn’t mind where Omar proposed. She was just happy to be engaged to the love of her life.

Here’s our favorites from their session!


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