We’re a Wedding Photographer Duo Who Love Laid-Back Couples

Jenn — the ambivert hopeless romantic

Being the loner, introverted child I was back in New Jersey, I loved to explore all things creative — sketching, painting, making my sister model for me and my deep blue Sony Cyber-Shot. And on the evenings, I would just devour romance novels and films (Yes, I cry EVERY TIME during The Time Traveler’s Wife). Bc of this, it’s kind of a no-brainer that when I had the choice to quit my job and do whatever I desired, I chose to be a wedding photographer. Being able to blend together the two things I loved — the creativity that photography enables and being able to be a part of real love stories.

Carlos — the jovial, laid-back, kid at heart

I decided to join Jenn in her venture, never expecting to get into the creative field and actually enjoy it. As a second shooter and videographer, I love pushing myself to try new shots, angles, techniques. Having a drink with groomsmen while they get ready, cracking some stellar dad jokes, and always making sure we say bye to Mom and Dad at weddings are a few of my favorite things. But the most important thing is getting to support the love of my life doing her favorite thing.

Hey there!

our Philosophy


We don't expect you to know what you're doing when it comes to photos. We are there to capture you + your lover in your element. Which is why at every session and wedding we bring all the comfy + calm vibes, never forcing you into awkward poses. But ready to catch the candid, emotional, passionate, and real moments!

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As millennials who grew up in the era of awkward and stiff family photos in Kmart studios, we know the pain. Which is why we absolutely love natural, candid moments. We help bring out the romance and the chemistry during bride and groom portraits while looking out for the giggles and tears during wedding ceremonies.

We know how easily moments can come and go. Which is why we're constantly on the lookout for your important moments and also the unexpected ones that turn out to be the best memories.


what inspires US


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Our ideal day always starts off with a warm cup of coffee followed by watering our 30+ plant babies. Cuddling on the couch binge-watching Netflix is the go-to, only getting up to make some food and cover it with Sriracha. Wrapping up the night with making some of our fav cocktails (Old-fashioned or a Moscow mule).

We're just two laidback lovebirds who want to celebrate your love, your moments and help you have a good time with those that matter.

Each love story, the contagious giggles, the gushy, lovey, googly eyes -- we LIVE for it. We love bringing out all the emotions and being a part of the joy that love brings. Then knowing that we're the ones to help you relive them through photographs, what better job is there?

our Fav Things


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From the initial email with us, you'll notice no stiffness or barrier. Plenty of emojis + GIFs for that matter. We're coming to you as we are, ready to start a bomb relationship.

As professionals, we're confident in what we do. We've done numerous weddings, dealt with last-minute changes, adapted to different lighting situations, all this resulting in the experience we bring to you.

You invested a lot into your wedding day. Which is why we make sure that you can actually enjoy your day. We prepare ahead of time to know where to be, when to be there and exactly what you want from us. This way on the day of, you can relax and take it all in, while we work our magic.

So, if you're madly in love and looking to have a laid-back day with those you love, we're here for it.

Behind the Lens


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words from our couples

/ Sarah & Jordan

They are amazing and help capture the most amazing moments! I have never been so impressed and in love with such work.

Jenn Goya Photography completely exceeded my expectations and made me feel so at ease. It truly was a really fun experience!

/ Tatiana & Kevin

We truly could not have asked for a better experience with people who we feel like we've known for years!

/ Sarah & Kevin

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