Feb 3, 2021

Engagement Session in St. Augustine • Rachel + James • St. Augustine, Florida

Foggy Engagement Session in St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida

Before we get into Rachel + James’ foggy engagement session in St. Augustine, let’s talk about their love story!


As millennials, Rachel + James first met on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Their first date was an FSU football game. As a native to Tallahassee, he was a huge Seminoles fan. She was a novice who had moved to the area a few months before to start grad school at FSU. Rachel almost didn’t give James a second date. Yet, here they are almost two and half years later planning their wedding!


When I asked them what they loved the most about each other, here’s what they had to say:


One of the many things I love about James is his sense of humor. He is constantly looking for opportunities to crack jokes and make puns. I’ve been around long enough now that he often just gets an eye roll in response to some. (Much to his dismay) He has a way of always keeping me laughing. Filling my heart and life with so much joy and happiness, even on my bad days. He is so genuine and considerate, always handling the stressful things that I don’t like dealing with. And he’s always willing to hold me when I cry. He accepts me for who I am and loves me fiercely because of it.


It’s hard to figure out what I love “most” about Rachel because there are so many things to love about her. I think what initially drew me to her and, what still brings me closer, is that she has so much capacity for bringing love and joy to people’s life. She loves me, of course, but just seeing the love she has for her family, her friends, my family, my friends, and pretty much everyone else who gets close to her is something that really made her “the one” for me. She has so much room in her heart, and I feel very lucky that I get such a big place there.


Choosing St. Augustine as the location for Rachel + James’ engagement session was a no-brainer since it was where James proposed. With a special location chosen, we asked them to think of any props they could include to make it even more authentic to them. That’s when Rachel sent me a picture of two coffee mugs they had gotten and pretty much described them. One said “I like her butt” and the other “I like his beard.” (Fun fact: Rachel has not seen James without a beard, ever)

With a location + prop that reflected their love, we were ready to capture some gorgeous sunrise photos. Except the day came and thick fog is what welcomed us that morning for their engagement session. As the chill, down-to-earth people they are, they welcomed the foggy day with smiles and trusted us to make the best of it.

Here’s what we captured during this foggy engagement session in St. Augustine:

If you’re thinking of having your engagement session in St. Augustine or anywhere else for that matter and want candid, authentic images all while having a straight-up good time with two new besties, contact usssssss.

Couple gif during their foggy engagement session in St. Augustine, Florida

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